We constantly address these issues and thus think from the beginning until the end of our products. Nature does not involve waste, only cycles. We follow this great model and also think in cycles.

We have a small cycle in our own production system. We have not produced any waste for several years now, as defective parts are ground separately in our company and re-used as regranulate.

Another, bigger cycle comes from re-using our products. If they are extruded by type, new products can be made from the processed material. This cycle spares resources and can be run several times. Recycled plastic materials can be used in a versatile way such as in the construction industry. The correct disposal of our products is also important for us. We only process materials which can be recycled without problems. Here, we have also carried out some interesting research projects with raw material suppliers dealing with alternative sources of raw materials which do without petroleum or natural gas entirely. Manufacturers are increasingly avioding the use of fossil energy sources as raw materials and recycling materials which, in the past, had to be disposed of e.g. as organic waste instead.  The key point is that this does not take up valuable farmland: waste becomes a valuable raw material again.

We see ourselves as a part of the big life cycle of nature and we do our best to protect it and to leave future generations an environment worth living.


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