Whether you sell salads, fruit, fish, meat, sausages, cheese or sweets, Jaun Neoform has the right package for your products. In addition to simple and practical standard trays or mugs, vacuum-packed or sealed containers or clamshell boxes and cylindrical boxes, we also offer solutions which meet your specific requirements. So, your delicacies are fresh, hygienic and appetising when they reach your customer.

We process all common thermoplastics, such as APET, CPET, PP, PE, PS, OPS, PLA and their compounds. Thus, our customers get the perfect material for any purpose. We will be pleased to advise you on the right selection.

In addition to various materials and colours or prints, you can also choose various coatings depending on the purpose. You may need a barrier layer for sensitive products or longer best-before dates. Does the product have to be sealed under protective atmosphere, and which sealing medium is the right one for you? In which temperature range do we move, are frozen goods involved, must the packages be microwaveable or perhaps ovenproof? Do you want to have an original clasp? etc.

All these are issues we address every day. Challenge us to develop the optimal package for you, both optically and functionally.


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